ARC Domestic Motors


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The ARC Domestic Motor range is known for its exceptional quality, affordability and reliability.

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Domestic Motor Types

ARC 1200, ARC 800, ARC Venite Roll Up, ARC Venite


  • Easy to operate and program
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Robust safety features
  • Fuse protected in case of power outage and power surge situations
  • Manual disengagement
  • Low noise, slow start, slow stop and preserve gears
  • High capacity 24-volt battery back-up facility available
  • Bulb lighting system supplies light for safer evening exits and entries. The light turns on when the door is activated and automatically turns off 4 minutes later
  • National footprint through national DG branches


ARC 1200 & 800 Sectional Motor Features
  • A powerful 1200Nm and 800Nm electric motor and enclosed gearbox.
  • Easy to program control panel with LED display.
  • Easy to follow setup procedures with electronic limit setting provide precise door travel control.
  • Multiple functions such as 9 level sensitivity adjustment, electronic locking, auto-close function and photo beam capability
  • Robust construction with steel reinforcing plate inside the motor covers.
  • Gearbox equipped with ferrous bronze main gear for increased reliability.
  • Closed chain system with robust traveller assembly.
  • Operator supplied with onboard code hopping universal receiver and 4 button transmitters.
  • Obstacle detection.
ARC Venite Roll Up Motor Features
  • No exposure to moving parts as the motor is mounted on the inside of the drum.
  • Clever, compact design of the unit allows for the motor to be fitted into narrow opening spaces.
  • Easy to commission with mechanical micro switches for setting the open and close limits.
  • Motor unit can be mounted on right- or left-hand side of the door.
  • Includes weight bar for added control when door is opening and closing.
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