Industrial Products

Other spares

Other than the industrial product offering you see our website, we offer the below as well:

Night Latches
Super Secures
Pera / Circo formed Grilles & Grille curtains
Romany formed Grilles & grille curtains
Custom Canopies
Guides Mild Steel & galvanized (120mm, 70mm & 50mm)
Hookbars (50/70mm long or short)
Centre Locks with T-Bar (0-2500mm and/or 2501 - more)
Industrial Motor Covers
Industrial Lifting Handles
Stubs with door

Galvanizing and Powder-Coating

We offer galvanizing and powder-coating on the following products:

Canopy - Powder-Coating only
Column - Galvanizing & Powder-Coating
Curtain - Galvanizing & Powder-Coating
Endplates - Galvanizing & Powder-Coating
Grille - Galvanizing only
Guides - Galvanizing & Powder-Coating
T-Bar - Galvanizing & Powder-Coating
Wicket Gates - Galvanizing & Powder-Coating


Our various types of castings available in store:

CIR Manufactures Base Chain Kit & chain
CIB Trade Kit & chain
COK Trade Kit
COK Trade Kit & chain
GOKSMBK Supreme Manufacturers Base Kit
GOKSTK Supreme Trade Kit
GOKSMCK Supreme Manufacturers Complete Kit