T’s & C’s


SCOPE OF SALE: The invoice covers the scope and supply specifically mentioned.
Any services or product not specifically stated will be an extra.

All terms used are in accordance with Industry Standard – details on request
All sizes quoted are in accordance with Industry Standard, and are not the actual size of the door.
Whilst all precautions are taken before the sale to ensure that the Customer understands what is being supplied, once the goods are ordered and accepted, the Customer takes full responsibility for any discrepancies.
PRICES & PRICE LISTS – issued by the company, are for information purposes only, and are subject to change and variation, without notice. Written Quotations are valid for 7 (seven) days, or the period stated therein.

DELIVERY: By his/her signature accepting the goods in good order and condition, the Purchaser and/or his/her Agent agrees that the goods invoices are received in full and are undamaged. No claims for shortages, damages, or incorrect items will be entertained thereafter.

INSTALLATION / COMMISSIONING: Upon completion of installation, the Purchaser/Agent must sign off the job, and record problems, if any. Should the Purchaser/Agent not sign off the Job, and not notify us in writing, of any problems, within 5 (five) days of installation/commissioning, no claims will be recognized. Installation prices are quoted as Industry Standard, unless otherwise stated in writing.

One trip to site of 50km or less
Site access & readiness – Orders are accepted on the understanding that the site is ready in all respect for installation/commissioning of all items ordered, by the date agreed upon. The Purchaser will allow free access to the Company’s Agent, to carry out all the work covered. Should the Company incur expenses as a result of delays, brought about by the Purchaser, such expenses shall be for the account of the Purchaser. In the event that Electric Door and/or Gate Operators are to be installed, it shall be the responsibility of the Purchaser to furnish proper electricity supply points at the required maximum distance of the Door/Gate operators.
Unless a site check is charged for, the Customer takes full responsibility for any problems that may occur. Abortive installations will be charged for.
RETURN OF GOODS: Purpose-made and non-stock items, will not be accepted for return. Stock of Standard items may be accepted for Exchange for a like, or greater value product, subject to Original Proof of Purchase, and the items being in the original condition supplied, including wrapping, where applicable.

REFUNDS: Where there is no Exchange of Goods, a refund will attract a minimum 10% Handling/Administration Fee depending on the circumstances. Orders for made to size items, cannot be cancelled.

STORAGE: If for any reason, the Purchaser is unable to take delivery of the goods within 30 (thirty) days of collection, delivery or installation date, agreed upon, then the company shall be entitled to levy a charge for storage.

OWNERSHIP OF GOODS: In no case will ownership of goods pass to the Purchaser, or anyone else, until full payment of the purchase price has been made to the Company, whether or not the goods have been permanently affixed to any land or buildings. Should full payment not be made, then the Company has the right to remove all doors and other items installed by the Company or its Agent, without resource to legal Considerations, and without any prejudice to any of the Company’s rights.

DAMAGE TO PROPERTY: Although the Company, and its Agents, undertakes to take the utmost care when removing existing doors, and installing new doors, the Company cannot be held responsible for any damage which may occur to surrounding plaster or walls, and assumes no liability for any consequential damage.

GUARANTEES: Goods supplied and installed by the Company are warranted to be free of defect for a period of 12 (twelve) months from date of installation, with respect to quality of materials, workmanship and installation work, provided goods are paid for on time, and no retention is withheld.

TREATMENT / MAINTENANCE: Timber is a natural living fibre, not uniform in colour composition. No guarantee is given regarding uniformity of colour or texture, and it is understood by the Purchaser, that Timber Products require treatment on a regular basis. Steel and Automation Products, must be maintained in accordance with Manufacturer’s recommendations.

EXCLUSIONS: The following goods and services are specifically excluded from the Warranty, and are for the Purchaser’s account.:

Repair or replacement of components due to wear and tear, loss and/or damage, not attributable to the Company.
Replacement of PC Boards, Light Bulbs for Operators, Batteries for Transmitters, or Damaged Transmitters.
Service Calls to reset codes on Radio Equipment, Stops, Sensitivity, or to match Radio Equipment Frequencies, or to attend to Electricity Supply faults, or for damage caused by Lightning.
Service Calls to attend to doors or equipment which have been damaged, or disturbed, due to unauthorized tampering by either the Purchaser, or other parties.
Modifications, installations, or repair work, not carried out by the Company, will render all Warranties, null and void


A. Products Covered by Warranty
Doors Galore warrants each Product to be free from defects in materials and assembly in the course of normal use and service. Defective Product which is under warranty must be returned to Doors Galore in the manner described in Section E below in order for the Product to be repaired or replaced. The warranty period of 12 Months commences with the date of sale to the original Customer.

B. Exclusive Warranty Remedy
During the applicable warranty period stated in this Terms and Conditions, Doors Galore will provide the following sole and exclusive remedy in the event a Product is determined by Doors Galore to be defective in materials or assembly. Doors Galore at its sole discretion will either repair the defective Product without charge or replace it with a new or refurbished Product. Customer must deliver its warranty claim to Doors Galore during the warranty period in the manner described in Section E below as a condition to receiving warranty service from Doors Galore. Return of the defective Product to Doors Galore is required.

C. Warranty Exclusions The following items are not covered by Doors Galore’s warranty:
1. Ancillary equipment not furnished by Doors Galore which is attached to or used in conjunction with a Product.
2. A Product which is used with any ancillary equipment that is not furnished by Doors Galore.
3. Freight cost to return a Product to Doors Galore.
4. Damage or deterioration caused by exposure to salt water (within 3km of the Ocean), chemical fumes or other corrosive or aggressive environments, whether naturally occurring or man-made.
5. Damage , abrasion or impact by any hard object, and any fading or colour change which may not be uniform due to unequal exposure of the doors sections to sunlight or other elements.
6. Defects or damage resulting from Customer’s improper testing, operation, installation, maintenance, modification, alteration, or adjustment.
7. Defects or damage from misuse, accident or neglect.
8. Defects or damage resulting from use of the Product in other than its normal and customary manner.
9. Defects or damage due to lightning or other electrical discharge.
10. Modification or abuse of, or tampering with, the Product.
11. Batteries supplied (3 Months Warranty).
12. Installation, maintenance, or service of the Product.

D. Warranty Limitations
This warranty sets forth the full extent of Doors Galore’s warranty responsibility. Repair, replacement, or credit in the amount of the purchase price paid for the applicable defective product, at Doors Galore sole discretion as indicated above, is the exclusive remedy. This warranty is provided in lieu of all other express or implied warranties. All other warranties, express or implied, including without limitation implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are specifically excluded. In no event will Doors Galore be liable for damages in excess of the purchase price of the product, for any loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience, commercial loss, lost profits or savings, or other incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of the installation, use, or inability to use such product, to the fullest extent that any such loss or damage may be disclaimed by law.  Doors Galore will not be responsible or liable for any damage or loss resulting from the operation or performance of any third party product or any systems in which an Doors Galore product is incorporated.

E. Return Policy for Defective Products Under Warranty
To return a defective Product which is under warranty to DOORS GALORE:
1. Claims under this warranty must be made promptly after discovery, within the applicable warranty period, and in writing to Doors Galore.
2. The Purchaser to Provide Doors Galore with the following:
a. The model number and serial number of the defective Product.
b. A description of the Product defect.
c. Purchase Receipt.
3. The Purchaser must allow Doors Galore a reasonable opportunity to inspect any product claimed to be defective prior to removal or alteration of its condition.
4. Customer must return the defective Product to Doors Galore.
5. Upon Doors Galore’s receipt of the defective Product from Customer, Doors Galore will evaluate the defective Product to determine whether it is covered under Doors Galore’s warranty. If Doors Galore determines the Product is covered under its warranty, Doors Galore will take the corrective warranty action described in Section B of this Terms and Conditions.

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