Maintenance – Timber Sectional Garage Doors

Most garage doors are either single or double, and then there is also caravan single or caravan double. No matter the size of the garage door, it is important to always keep your timber door maintained and treated. Please always check that your door is not chipped, cracked or starting to rot. Wood is a natural fibre and it can expand as well as contract in various weather conditions.

Why does wood expand and contract?
• The cells within a tree expand to absorb moisture from its environment, or as the water flows over the wood it nourishes and sustain the life of a tree. As soon as the water has been vaporized the wood will then contract back to its original size. Even after trees are cut down and manufactured into timber pieces which are used in the garage doors, the wood will still expand and contract when encountering water, this is why wood sealers and proper treatments are necessary (Doors Galore Wood Care Products available in store).

Identify and treat the problems.
Rotten woods
This is one of the most common problems on sectional timber garage doors which are neglected in the maintenance aspect.
If the wood starts to turn black and disintegrate it means moisture has been left there too long.
Sanding down the affected area, to remove as much of the dead wood as possible (recommended to sand down the whole door). If the damage is to intensive that sanding it down does not help, perhaps the part of the door must be looked at by a trained service technician.
Cracked and fading woods
The cracked and faded woods are usually due to extreme exposure to UV rays and dry climates, and constant usage being neglected with no maintenance and treatments,
To treat this, and prevent further cracking of the wood, suitable wood sealers can be applied to treat the doors, plain sealer or tinted sealers are available in stores.
Previously painted or varnished doors will need to be sanded down, or by rubbing down with fine steel wool and mineral turpentine to remove all traces of all previous coatings before applying your exterior sealers.
All the above issues can be prevented by regular treatment of your timber sectional garage door as well as your monthly and annual inspections.